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Splash Chicago Shares The Importance of a Vibrant Company Culture

Company culture is so essential to the foundation and success of a business. As a company and establishment, many times individuals assume that the old ways of just coming to work and working the whole time accomplishes the most, as well as gets the most productivity. On the contrary, researchers have found that having a fun, vibrant and active company culture helps your crew and individuals to be more in tune with their tasks. As an organization, culture is one of the most substantial assets and biggest advantageous to a successful business. Culture drives the strength of a company and because of that workers and partners are excited to come in and have a good time, as well as do some work as well.

At Splash Chicago we believe that a business is nothing without its people and team. Having that in mind, at Splash Chicago, we are very keen on understanding the importance of how vital company culture is. We have a variety of different focuses here to keep our team and people entertained. We believe in having a great time and having that as one of our focus points, we’re incredibly thrilled to welcome anyone on our crew. Studies also show that businesses such as Google and Facebook promote this kind of method as one of their strategies to having efficient work done.

Having weekly awards, incentives and activities keeps our team active. We love gathering around each other and just enjoying the team setting. Due to this, we have come a very far and long way. Our modern and innovative methods have created a vibrant atmosphere and vibe. Not only for our customers but for our crew as well. Splash Chicago believes in company culture wholeheartedly, without it we would not have the best team right now. We’re able to keep our aims high and vibes incredible because we believe in this mindset. 





Splash Chicago Believe in Reinventing & Continuously Improving

At Splash Chicago, we care about customers and the environment we embody. Our passion and purpose is to make sure we’re hosting an environment that is vibrant, energetic and lively. Much of what we believe in at Splash Chicago revolves around continually improving and reinventing. We’re constantly looking at different methods and strategies to shape ourselves and improve our ambiance. One of the most essential aspects about us is that we believe in genuine fun and energy. When people get together, talk and enjoy some drinks and food they are getting the opportunity to have a real conversation. An environment is everything when it comes down to it.

Splash Chicago are always reinventing and improving to make sure that our environment competes with the best venues in our area. There should be a reason our customers chose us, and we believe that reason to be, plain and simple: we’re vibrant and fun. There are various ways we like to work on ourselves to improve. For one thing, nothing is ever perfect. Even when a concept reaches the finish line, it still has to keep going to shape itself over time. For example, our society and technology make sure that we’re always up to date and running with advancements, as well as improvements. Similarly, at Splash Chicago we make sure that we’re advancing ourselves to be better and make our customer’s experiences top notch.

Our environment and livelihood rely on pure energy, as well as positivity. Being genuinely positive with a crew that loves what they do and provides the enthusiasm for our customers means that we’re doing some great things here. Spreading happiness to our audience comes from the fact that we care about their enjoyment and that only happens when we’re passionate about we do and care about continuous improvement to make sure our customers have a wonderful experience.



Splash Chicago Shares Methods to Be Aware of Your Environment

We’re only given one earth and because this is possibly the only planet that we know of that gives us life — we should take care of it. Most individuals don’t realize the impact human beings have on our planet. Anything we do and don’t do makes a difference. We make a huge difference even if it a small habit we do every day to be environmentally friendly. At Splash Chicago, we implement and practice guides that ensure our well being for the future. By being environmentally friendly, we’re helping ourselves out and the planet we live in.

According to Conserve-Energy-Future, they write “Being environmentally friendly simply means having a lifestyle that are better for the environment. It’s all about taking small steps towards mother earth to make this planet a better place for our communities and generations to come. A good way would be to start with conserving water, driving less and walking more, consuming less energy, buying recycled products, eating locally grown vegetables, joining environmental groups to combat air pollution, creating less waste, planting more trees and many more.” We believe that some of the simplest ways to practice being green are just being more aware of your resources.

Some small ways such as planting trees or being conservative with natural resources help to make our environment more friendlier. Another great tip mentioned by Conserve Energy Future is “Practice Conservation: With your new awareness of how natural resources are used in your life start to practice conservation. This can be as simple as turning off the lights as you leave a room and as complex as making different choices when it comes to building your home.” Just by merely following small steps and making sure you’re aware of your surrounding, you’ll help the earth.

Splash Promotes Environmental Friendly Responsibilities

We get taught at an early age that we have a sole duty to protect our planet and save it in any little way we can. One way we like to do this is by being environmentally friendly. At Splash, our main criteria on the way we run our business and enable different strategies exists around the fact that we believe that being environmentally friendly is more pressing now than it has ever been. If we take a look at images from National Geographic of the ocean, for example, the ocean is congested with plastic materials that are being wrapped around sea animals. Individuals will notice and observe pictures of plastic waste being coiled around various fishes, seahorses, and on some coral reef areas. It is imperative to acknowledge that our landfills are piling up and our oceans are suffocating.

Statistics show that Americans throw away 230 or more million tons of garbage material every single year, this is, unfortunately, more than any other country in the world. Splash promotes an environmentally friendly business because we believe that change starts with implementing positive actions for the environment. Even if one person can produce an effort to doing something, then the impact will be significant in general. At Splash Chicago, we operate with a zero-plastic policy. Everything and anything we can we do not utilize plastic in any way due to the pressing negative factors it causes on our environment.

Many individuals fail to realize that plastic has tremendous harm and that is what causes a majority of our waste. Practically everything is plastic, and dozens of material being thrown away the wrong way is creating a negative impact on our environment. If plastic is used, then it should be recycled because that is the proper mannerism of using this material. Understanding our surrounding and making sure we are positivity promoting active and healthy changes means we care. We love when clients and customers share our mindset because the more, the merrier. They are in our journey for taking on an environmental friendly responsibility.