Splash Promotes Environmental Friendly Responsibilities

We get taught at an early age that we have a sole duty to protect our planet and save it in any little way we can. One way we like to do this is by being environmentally friendly. At Splash, our main criteria on the way we run our business and enable different strategies exists around the fact that we believe that being environmentally friendly is more pressing now than it has ever been. If we take a look at images from National Geographic of the ocean, for example, the ocean is congested with plastic materials that are being wrapped around sea animals. Individuals will notice and observe pictures of plastic waste being coiled around various fishes, seahorses, and on some coral reef areas. It is imperative to acknowledge that our landfills are piling up and our oceans are suffocating.

Statistics show that Americans throw away 230 or more million tons of garbage material every single year, this is, unfortunately, more than any other country in the world. Splash promotes an environmentally friendly business because we believe that change starts with implementing positive actions for the environment. Even if one person can produce an effort to doing something, then the impact will be significant in general. At Splash Chicago, we operate with a zero-plastic policy. Everything and anything we can we do not utilize plastic in any way due to the pressing negative factors it causes on our environment.

Many individuals fail to realize that plastic has tremendous harm and that is what causes a majority of our waste. Practically everything is plastic, and dozens of material being thrown away the wrong way is creating a negative impact on our environment. If plastic is used, then it should be recycled because that is the proper mannerism of using this material. Understanding our surrounding and making sure we are positivity promoting active and healthy changes means we care. We love when clients and customers share our mindset because the more, the merrier. They are in our journey for taking on an environmental friendly responsibility.